WHS Consultation:

HMC Group Solutions believe in a proactive approach to Work Health & Safety, Our services include:

  • Workplace Audits
  • Creation of Traffic Management Procedures 
  • Creation of chemicals registers complete with SDS
  • Creation of emergency evacuations diagrams 
  • Creation of emergency evacuation procedures 
  • Creation WHS Compliance Documentation 
  • Consultation & Implementation of Workplace Changes 
  • Facilitation of Workplace Safety Session 
  • Creation of WHS Action Plans

Our team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the harmonised WHS Act can assist in ensuring your business is meeting its WHS obligations. 

Tag & Testing:

Ensuring your on site safety equipment meets the Australian Standard & is in good working order this includes: 

  • Lifting & Heights equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Fire equipment 

Our inspectors have completed Nationally Recognised Training & Currently hold:
MEM15004B - Perform inspection

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