HMC Group Solutions has the following refund procedure for all students who are enrolled in training. A “Request for Refund” form is available from HMC Group Solutions Administration. 
Students will receive a full refund with no associated administration charges or transfer to the next course if: 

  • the course is cancelled by HMC Group Solutions
  • the course is rescheduled by HMC Group Solutions, after confirmation of initial course dates, to a time when the Student is unavailable
  • the course is overbooked by HMC Group Solutions and no allocated position in the training is available 

If a student is unable to attend the course date they can change to another date. If they withdraw within five working days of the course date no refund is provided. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal may include:
  • serious illness (verified by a medical certificate)
  • change of employment hours or location (verified by employer)
  • other reasons deemed valid by HMC Group Solutions Managing Director’s discretion 

Students are strongly advised to consider their work and/or personal commitments before enrolling to avoid this occurring.

Once training has commenced no refund is available to students who leave prior to finishing their studies (unless due to accepted circumstances mentioned above).

This includes Students who are enrolled but do not attend the actual training once it has commenced and who had not contacted HMC Group Solutions prior to their non-attendance.

Should a Student be dissatisfied with the Refund Policy they should submit a complaint in accordance with our Complaints Policy. 

Policy authorised by: 

Harrison McMahon 
Managing Director
HMC Group Solutions Pty Ltd.